16 Apr 2014

What Lizzy Loves & Lady Loves Fashion - Spotted in Allium B.

We have always loved spotting real people in our designs. In the old days, before Allium B (when we still worked for Top Shop), we would be able to spot Monday's best sellers on a Saturday night out in Brighton - a dozen girls in the same dress and we knew had sold at least 1500.  Those Saturday nights on the tiles are a distant memory (most weekends), but we always spotting someone in one of our dresses.
So we were delighted when 2 of our favourite bloggers What Lizzy Loves and Lady Loves Fashion offered try a couple of our dresses (and a blouse)

What Lizzy Loves in Camille
Lady Loves Fashion in Audrey

Lady Loves Fashion in Megan

We hope you love the styling too.

To see more head over to Lizzy's blog & Danielle's Blog

PS Lizzy also has an exclusive Easter discount

9 Apr 2014

The Breakfast Club

The breakfast club.jpg the breakfast club - battersea.jpg pancakes and bacon - the breakfast club.jpg avocado, bacon and poached egg-the breakfast club.jpg The full monty- the breakfast club.jpg

This could just be our favourite breakfast drop in off all time. Okay that might be a bit extreme, but there is nothing better than catching up with friends, having a laugh and tucking into mountains of food alongside everyone else on a Saturday morning. Be warned you may have a small queue on your hands, but there are a few dotted around London, so the choice is yours - Soho (the original), Hoxton, Angel (Clare's old stomping ground from Uni) and Battersea.

Find all info over on their website

2 Apr 2014

Allium B Kitchen:Charred tomatoes with fried eggs on garlic toast

Sunday brunch

Brunch is my favourite type of food, especially after a leisurely lie in on a Sunday and needing something yummy to start the day. With a slight twist on a normal egg sarnie this is quickly becoming my go to recipe, especially if we have friends over and need to whip up something quickly.

You will need (for two)

Slices of rustic bread/normal bread/french stick - Whatever takes your fancy
1 glove of garlic, peeled
1 tb extra virgin olive oil
4 large eggs
Salt and Pepper
4 small cherry tomatoes (or slice normal tomatoes if that's all you have to hand)

1. Rub toasted bread with garlic and bush with oil
2. Heat oil in a large pan, crack eggs and cook undisturbed, season and then transfer to a plate
3. Place cut tomatoes into the pan, until charred
4. Transfer eggs and tomatoes onto the bread

Grab the paper, put some music on and tuck in with a cuppa - enjoy

  • runny fried eggs on garlic bread + charred tomatoes eggs on garlic toast + charred tomatoes

26 Mar 2014

We Love: Catwalk Cakes

catwalk cakes

In true Allium B style, we are bringing you yet another cake shop in Brighton (yes - we are just a little obsessed), but we do think it's our duty to go out there and test it first hand.

So let us introduce you to Catwalk Cakes located in Bond Street, Brighton. With it's cute decor and all those yummy cakes in the window, you can't help but be drawn in.

And the best thing about it? You can stay for afternoon tea!

  catwalk cake-brighton cupcakes - brighton more cakes-catwalk brighton

Find them at 22 Bond Street Brighton and Follow them on twitter here

19 Mar 2014

Allium B Kitchen: Easy Garlic Prawn Pasta

easy garlic pasta

With spring in the air and the evenings getting lighter I can't help but share my absolute favourite dish that I have been cooking every week without fail since I discovered it. It may not look like much, but it is packed with light and bold flavours which is very easily thrown together after a hard days work.

You will need- for two

250g spaghetti pasta
250g cooked and peeled prawns
45g Butter
4 Garlic cloves crushed
1 tsp of Chilli flakes
1 lemon + zest
Handful of fresh parsley
lug of olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Half a glass of white wine

Cheese (of your choice) for serving

1. Cook the pasta in boiling water.
2. When nearly cooked melt the butter with the oil
3. Once melted add the garlic, chilli Flakes, Juice of half the lemon plus zest, Salt and Pepper, Parsley, White wine and prawns
4. Stir through until prawns are heated through
5. Add your cooked pasta, and mix the sauce through
6. Squeeze the remaining lemon over the pasta and sprinkle with additional parsley
7. Serve with cheese if desired

simple garlic pasta

13 Mar 2014

Our first 2 years

For years we talked about starting our own brand and then one sunny day over coffee and cakes at our favourite coffee shops in Brighton - Coffee@33, we decided it was now or never, Clare resigned from Topshop and we started developing Allium B. 
 Trips to vintage fairs and India followed as we worked hard to design our first collection.

After a couple of cold but thankfully sunny days on the beach and streets of Brighton in February 2012 shooting our first campaign, we were ready to launch our first collection.

It was at this point we agreed never to shoot outside again 
until we could afford to head somewhere warmer!!

On the 15th March 2012 Allium B launched with parties in Brighton and London

Some great press followed

and our dresses were spotted on several celebs

and some celebs wore our dresses (Adele), but we never got a photo.

The next 18 months flow by 

Autumn Winter 12

Spring Summer 13

Autumn Winter 13

Then out of the blue we were nominated for a London Lifestyle Award 

more press followed

Spring Summer 14

Along the way we have had help, support and love from some truly amazing people
Sarah Cresswell, Susana, Elvira, Julie, Chris, Ruby, Kenny, Dee, Sofia and Susan
and not forgetting Jez and Russ, 
who have put up with us working long hours and the odd tear along the way.

and now is time to celebrate our second birthday with a glass or two of bubbles.

Clare & Mary xx